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The Grim Reaper has come to take you away from this world, but you are not ready to leave. He agrees to allow you 15 minutes to break into his Death Chest to retrieve your soul and grant you safe passage back to the land of the living.

Can you survive your Brush With Death?

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3000 years ago, you were the ruler of the ancient world. Upon your death, a jealous high priest placed the Curse of the Scarab on your tomb. This curse has ensured that you could not cross over to the after life. After searching your tomb for centuries, you have finally uncovered the source of the curse. Locked away inside the highly decorated container lies the powerful scarab. Remove it and it’s power over you will be removed. Unfortunately, having moved the container has triggered a security trap and the room has begun to fill with sand. If you cannot retrieve the scarab before the room fills, you will be trapped within the sand for all eternity. Can you survive the Curse of the Scarab?

Parallel Lines

The Will

You’ve been asked to gather for the reading of the will of a mysterious distant relative. To collect his inheritance, you must solve the mystery surrounding his passing… one hundred and fifty years ago. As you sit around his recently exhumed coffin, you must work your way inside to unravel the truth. Might you collect the inheritance mentioned within The Will?


In this spooky portable experience, a coffin will be delivered to your location by your host, the caretaker. He will remain for the reading of The Will and the execution of its contents. After the mystery has been solved, he will return the coffin and all inside it to the cemetery.


Designed for at least 2 adults, this experience is expected to run approximately 45-75 minutes, depending upon the skill level of your group. There is no limit to the amount of players, however more than 6 players will reduce the amount of participation each player receives. Minors should be at least 14 years old as the puzzles are not designed for children to solve.


Serving the central Florida areas of

Winter Garden, Windermere, Clermont, and Davenport.

To book or to get more information, please email

Include your name, address (or close general area until the booking is completed), phone number, time, and the date you’d wish to book.

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